Emily here!

Welcome to my blog. I will be sharing all kind of things here: product spotlights, the process of making pieces, upcoming events, etc. I wanted to start this blog to give a behind the scenes look at Emily’s and to interact in a “long form” kind of way.

One of my upcoming posts will be a Q & A format and I’ll be collecting your questions and answering them! I’m looking forward to hearing about you're curious about.

Feel free to comment and be a part of the conversation!

I also want to use this space as a place for you all to get to know me! Here are a few recent things from my life:

  1. I rescued three feral kittens from my yard (seriously!). I found them at 6 weeks old and they were really nervous and hissy, but now at 12 weeks old they are purr machines. They live on a schedule of play, eat, sleep, repeat. Cats really are as full of antics as they say.

  2. There’s no better place to be in Northwest Arkansas in the summer than on the water! Recently we went on a kayaking trip on the Buffalo river and the views were incredible.

  3. I’ve been experimenting with cooking vegetarian food at home. There are so many creative vegetarian options out there! Our favorites have been this curry, portobello burgers, and colorful burrito bowls.

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